This book will transform the way you see your work –
then inspire and propel you to a new level of fulfillment!

Besides family and spiritual life, the greatest project of a woman’s life is making the most of her talents in the work she chooses. This groundbreaking book will change forever the way you think about your work. It’s a step-by-step formula for conceiving, then achieving a fantastically fulfilling work life.

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Most women settle for “good enough” when it comes to their working life.  And that’s a crying shame!

More than half feel their talents are not fully appreciated or utilized. Many don’t have a clear picture of where they’re headed. They feel frustrated and disillusioned. In short, they don’t take seriously the possibility of truly and actually achieving the work life of their dreams. It’s just “not realistic.”
Well, Nad Philips begs to differ. Because he’s helped thousands of women break the chains of their self-limiting thinking about work, and realize that their dream work life is theirs for the taking!

In The Work-Life Project: Women’s Edition, Nad Philips leads you through a five-step process of defining your own ideal work life, drawing the roadmap, then actually making it happen!

When you order the book from this page, you’ll get seven of Nad Philips’ eye-opening assessments about your satisfaction, well-being, hopes, life meaning, work performance and work life. These assessments will help launch you on your exciting journey of fulfillment!

Nad Philips and the Work-Life Project

Nad Philips isn’t just another career coach making money by telling others how to succeed. He’s done it himself, the hard way: as a minority on three continents, working his way to the very top of the corporate world.

His outsider status made him feel a kinship with women in the workforce, who often felt held back in one way or another. In fact, about 80% of the employees who reported to him over the years were women. That’s why he took a special interest in a “project” he hopes will liberate and motivate thousands of women to fulfill their potential. It’s all here in The Work-Life Project: Women’s Edition.

The book you have written is fascinating. People will be able to keep it by their bedside, or in their office, and use it all the time."

- Cynthia Brian
World Talk Radio Interview

Some common work-related problems women face:

  • Lack of enthusiasm and motivation in current work
  • Stuck in a rut – talents not being put to good use
  • Out of the work force, trying to get in – but where?
  • Hitting a glass ceiling, feeling blocked
  • Kids have left home – now what?
  • Not being paid what you’re worth, being taken advantage of
  • Unhealthy relationship with boss
  • Haven’t worked for a long time; where to start?
  • Voice not being heard, opinions discounted
  • Misfit between your values and the company’s
  • Lack of inspiring direction and goals
  • Unable to do what you really do well
  • Efforts not being valued or recognized
  • Favoritism towards men where your work


It’s no longer a man’s world – it’s yours

We’re living through some amazing changes in the world economy. One of the most dramatic is the rise of women in a “relational” age where the most valued skills are things like teamwork, intuition and emotional intelligence rather than force, power and authority.

If you work in a corporate environment, you’ll benefit greatly from Nad Philips’ experience and sage advice on getting where you want to be. But there’s also a movement away from lifetime corporate jobs to self-employment, at-home work and entrepreneurship – opening a new world of opportunities for women, including those who have kids at home, have been out of the workforce for awhile, or want out of the corporate world.

The liberating force of the Internet has been the chief driver of this decentralization of business. Women have taken a lead in coming up with all kinds of imaginative ways to create fulfilling, profitable work lives by exploiting the Internet. 

Nad Philips is an expert at giving women the direction and motivation they need to take their work lives to the next level. So many women accept unfulfilling work lives, feeling frustrated or believing they can't expect to "have it all." This book will give them confidence and a working plan to reach for the stars." 

- Peggy McColl
New York Times Bestselling Author

Mobility and job-jumping are the new norm!

Today, the average person changes jobs seven to ten times in their life. There’s no more stigma to having lots of jumping around between jobs on your resume. In fact, having a variety of skills and experiences is now considered an asset.

It’s no longer a world of big corporations with narrowly defined jobs and titles you have to fit. What do you love to do? What are you really good at?  There’s a strong chance you can find a way to make a good living doing it! You can invent or reinvent yourself!

A few of the reasons women believe they can’t have their “dream” work life:

  • Fear of leaving a “secure” job
  • Having been out of the workforce for awhile
  • The demands of family, kids at home
  • Financial insecurity and the fear of taking chances
  • Lack of self-confidence
  • Inability to pin down what they would really love to do


Maybe you’re:

  • Doing work that’s unfulfilling
  • Have your own business, but want something new
  • Haven’t been working, but need to start

Whatever the case, this is your moment.

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Reading this book was a delicious experience that I wished wouldn't end. I have had deep insights from doing the exercises in the workbook. I highly recommend this book for any woman seeking to find her own inner voice. By implementing your work-life project your life will start to look more and more like you want it to."

- Gehan Thomas

Nad Philips is the expert in championing women to find their calling in a positive and authentic way. I loved the book"

- Jacqueline Schaus
Primary School Teacher

Every now and then you fall on a book that speaks to you and becomes your life companion. The Work-Life project is one of these books. I found it just when I needed it the most. I am now clear on my next steps and well on my way to realizing my true self. Thank you."

- Sylvie Junker

If you want to start taking charge of your life, get this book! It will gently and progressively put you on the right track and you will find yourself putting in place your plan naturally.

- Mireille Wall
Kindergarden Teacher

Even Olympic champions have “jobstacles”

Nad Philips has done a lot of work with former Olympic athletes, helping them transition to new careers. In working with them, he has identified four problems they share with working women in general. He calls these “jobstacles”:

Jobstacle No. 1: Fear of competing.

According to Philips, many women don’t advance in their careers because they don’t feel comfortable competing in the race. They are motivated by being part of the team but don’t want to stand out.

Jobstacle No. 2: Not believing you can win.

Working women often carry around the belief that they can’t or won’t be promoted – or don’t have the time or energy to seek a more demanding job. Philips says women need to discover their own set of limiting beliefs, then shed the dead weight.

Jobstacle No. 3: Not having the right coach.

Philips says women need to surround themselves with people who believe in them and can encourage them to greatness. This encouragement may come from friends, mentors or even a professional career coach who has been specifically hired to do the job.

Jobstacle No. 4:  Staying in the race too long.

Women who manage to make it to the top of their field sometimes get too comfortable and end up staying there too long, Philips says. They can become bored or burned out, and their performance may begin to suffer.


When you order now through this page, you’ll get seven of Nad Philips’ eye-opening assessments about your satisfaction in addition to the other free bonuses. These assessments include your well-being, hopes, life meaning, work performance and work life. They will help launch you on your exciting journey of fulfillment!

Nad Philips: Not your average career coach

Nad Philips’ professional career spans the corporate world, academia, consulting and coaching. Prior to becoming a coach, he launched two start-up businesses and served as a senior manager with major multinationals in ten cities on three continents. He has trained and mentored literally thousands of managers. He has also worked with athletes, including Olympic athletes and world champions, to help them transition to a second career. 

Philips is currently a senior consultant with Cegos and an honorary professor at ESSEC Business School, where he coaches students in career success. He also runs a specialty consultancy in Paris.

Today, Philips has turned his attention to the special challenges women face in finding a satisfying work life – and the opportunities open to them in a rapidly changing work environment.

 Out of your rut, on to greatness!

Unless you’re already in a dream job, you need this book. Please order while you can get the free bonuses that come with it through this special link. This may well be the book that finally motivates you to reach for the stars!